Welcome Packet Guidelines

Welcome Packet deadline for submitting items for approval: 
Wednesday, May 12

 Welcome Packet deadline for approved items to be in
Conference Center:   Friday, May 28.
Welcome Packet (Loose Items) – DEADLINE for submitting your item for approval to go in the Welcome Packet is Wednesday, May 12. The deadline for having your approved items to the Conference Center is Friday, May 28. Please do not send your items to the Conference Center before May 12; we lack sufficient storage space. For official annual conference business and non-business items (pre-approval required on all non-business items), the Welcome Packet is given to clergy and lay members on-site at registration.
Printing costs for reports, non-business items, brochures and flyers inserted in the Welcome Packet are the responsibility of the submitting party.In addition, there is a $200 insertion fee, per item, that will be charged to the submitting party to place an item in the Welcome Packet. This fee applies to both business reports and non-business items. It is to your advantage to include your item in the Workbook Supplement, if at all possible.
PRE-APPROVAL IS REQUIRED to insert your non-business item in the Welcome Packet.  
To request approval for a non-business item to be included, you can do one of the following:
  1. E-mail an electronic version of the item to ACQuestions@flumc.org;
  2. Fax a copy of the item to 863-688-3213, ATTN: Workbook Supplement;
  3. Mail a copy of the item to Florida United Methodist Conference Center, ATTN: Workbook Supplement, 1140 McDonald St., Lakeland, FL 33801.
For those of you in the Conference office, you can place a copy of your item(s) in the Data Management mailbox, ATTN: Welcome Packet. For more information, e-mail your question(s) to ACQuestions@flumc.org.
Once your item has been approved, you will need to get it printed and in the conference office (quantities of 2,000) no later than Friday, May 28. (Please do not send your items to the Conference Center before May 12; we lack sufficient storage space.) They should be clearly marked and shipped or labeled as follows: Florida Annual Conference Welcome Packet, 1140 McDonald St., Lakeland, FL 33801. For more information please email your question(s) to ACQuestions@flumc.org.
IMPORTANT: It is assumed that all reports submitted for inclusion in the Workbook, Workbook Supplement, or Welcome Packet have been proofed and edited by you, the staff person responsible for your particular work area(s), editing for content and errors, including spelling, grammar, and all math. Your report will be printed as submitted. We are not responsible for your content.
Thank you in advance for your assistance in getting reports to us in a timely manner and the appropriate format. For more information about all annual conference matters, please visit the Conference Web site often (http://www.flumc.org). Information will be posted as it becomes available.
Questions about submitting a report or general questions about the Annual Conference Event can be e-mailed to ACQuestions@flumc.org.