Workbook Guidelines

Workbook deadline is March 8, 2010

THE 4-1-1
The Florida Annual Conference Event will be held at the LakelandCenter, Lakeland, Florida, June 10-12, 2010. Our theme this year is “Eradicating Extreme Poverty.” 
Below is a quick reference of the options available for submitting your business report or promotional item and their respective deadlines. Following that is a detailed description of how to format and submit your report, an outline of what it will cost to submit a report or promotional item plus other important information. If you have further questions, you can e-mail your question(s) to
WorkbookDEADLINE is Monday, March 8. For official annual conference business only, the Workbook is distributed to the clergy and lay members prior to annual conference. Printing costs come out of the annual conference budget.
All reports must be submitted in electronic format. Text reports should be done in Microsoft Word and should be concise and to-the-point. Budgets and charts should be done in Microsoft Excel so that columns and rows of numbers transfer correctly. If budgets or columns of numbers are done in Microsoft Word, a decimal tab or right tab should be used when formatting the document so that columns and rows of numbers line up correctly. Please avoid unnecessary comments and statements that do not pertain to the business at hand.
The longer your report, the longer the Workbook and Journal become. Each page of the Workbook costs approximately $48 to print; each page of the Journal costs about $20 to print. Fewer words mean more dollars saved.
Margins and Fonts: Use one-inch margins top, bottom, left and right, with a Times New Roman 12-point font. Avoid using bold or italics whenever possible as this creates formatting problems when integrating into one main document (the Workbook).

Informational Reports (reports that do not require action of the annual conference):  We request that informational reports be limited to no more than 750 words. Informational reports are subject to editing by the Conference Secretary and may or may not be included in the Conference Journal.
IMPORTANT: It is assumed that all reports submitted for inclusion in the Workbook, Workbook Supplement, or Welcome Packet have been proofed and edited by you, the staff person responsible for your particular work area(s), editing for content and errors, including spelling, grammar, and all math. Your report will be printed as submitted. We are not responsible for your content.
Submit as an e-mail attachment to We also must have a hard copy so we can make sure our finished product looks like you intended. If you are in the Conference Office, you can place a copy of your item in the Communications mailbox, ATTN: AC Reports. Or you may mail it to: Florida United Methodist Conference, ATTN: AC Reports, 1140 McDonald St., Lakeland, FL33801; or burn to a CD-ROM and mail with hard copy to the address above. Please do not submit on a floppy disk.
WORKBOOK - Printing costs for reports in the Workbook (deadline March 8) are covered by the annual conference budget.  The Workbook is for official annual conference business onlyThe longer your report, the longer the Workbook and Journal become. Each page of the Workbook costs $48 to print; each page of the Journal costs $20 to print. Fewer words means more dollars saved.
Thank you in advance for your assistance in getting reports to us in a timely manner and the appropriate format.
Questions about submitting a report or general questions about the Annual Conference Event can be e-mailed to